PlusSpec not appearing when I open SketchUp

Hi Guys,

For all of you out there having an error where you have just downloaded PlusSpec but PlusSpec isnt appearing when you open up SketchUp.

There can be a few causes of this. Firstly, before you try anything else we recomend that you try download PlusSpec again and if PlusSpec still doesn’t open please continue reading.

One of the most common causes for this issue is that you may have installed PlusSpec to another version of SketchUp. This can happen very easily and the way to fix this is to download PlusSpec again and make sure that you select the correct SketchUp version that you wish to use PlusSpec with.

PlusSpec may have not installed correctly, to check if PlusSpec has been installed open up SketchUp and click on “window” up the top, then select preferences and then extensions (Check screen shot below) PlusSpec should be there, if it isn’t showing there then PlusSpec has been installed incorrectly. If it is there and it’s ticked then to get the tool bar showing exit that and right click up the top where the other tool bars are and look for PlusSpec and tick it. If PlusSpec isn’t ticked tick it and PlusSpec toolbar will appear.

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PlusSpec Extension and Window Check.png