PlusSpec gutters

Guys, your gutter range is neat but is there a possibility of forming a curve out of the gutter profile rather than it be what appears to be a 3 segment exploded curve? For visual representation it would be best to see the gutter having an outline or profile of only the outer limits of the gutter.

See the attached screenshot.

Hi Andrew Currently the Gutter was set up with exploded curves so that it gets a heavier line weight in when exported to Layout for 2d documentation. We can add the functionality of removing the lines and we will also add the functionality of of more gutter profiles.
I will come back to you once the improvement is made. Thanks for the request

:slight_smile: Hey Andrew, where is this at regarding excess gutter lines? They get quite busy at 1:100 in elevation…

Hi Andrew,

There hasn’t been a change as of yet due to us having more important tools and upgrades to implement into the software.

Your request is still being thought about and hasn’t been forgotten. It is something we will work on soon, We can see that you are really excited about this improvement.

Ill get back to you once the improvement is made.

Thankyou for the popst

Kind Regards,