PlusSpec Flat Roof Trusses

Hi Guys,

We have received a great question this morning at our PlusSpec 2016 Webcast.

Does PlusSpec also construct trusses for skillion and flat roof designs?

The answer to this question currently is no. We are working on this now and we are aiming to have this implemented for a future release of PlusSpec 2016.

Once it has been completed you will enjoy the benefits.

Kind Regards

You can now do flat roof trusses and in the next version, you will see Truss joists in 3d and I-joists. Be careful when creating sloping truss rooves, a truss works on compression and tension and are rarely a good solution for low pitch rooves sloping of less than 10 degrees.
I would normally build my walls with a raked top and then add purlins using the joist tool in PlusSpec. You can also add in cold rolled c section purlins for larger spans.
You can line your studs up with your purlins in the wall tool if you do not have 2 top plates. Everything is really projected specific, you should talk with your engineer if you are unsure.
raked ceilings with purlins instead of low pitched trusses.jpg