Plusspec and COBie

Hi Dean

I’ve been using Plusspec myself in the UK for several months (where I’m the only BIM user) and have a few more questions:

  1. On smaller projects my normal layer structure (and that of other consultants using AutoCAD etc) follows the Ci/SFB classification system:
    Can I change Plusspec component layers to follow this layering system?
    What will the effects be?
    What do I need to adjust throughout Plusspec to make sure layer changes don’t screw everything up?

  2. Some upcoming projects will be larger and one team requires all information to be handled in COBie format:
    How does Plusspec interface with COBie, and how do I export/exchange Plusspec information to other BIM users?

Many thanks

Kind regards


Hi Steve, could you show me in a screen shot or spreadsheet what you’d like to change the layers to?

Currently you can change the layer names to whatever you’d like yet you may find you have to update the scenes to reflect the changes.
Once you do this save the scenes as a template ( delete geometry and purge :purge-tool: go to File, save as template) this way everytime you open Sketchup it will remember the changes.
I’m interested in possibly creating a Cobie specific tool if there is sufficient need for it. It’s anyone else here using COBie?