PlusSpec 2016 Thoughts and Suggestions

Hi All,

2016 is on it’s way and so is PlusSpec 2016. The Rubysketch team want your thoughts and suggestions for PlusSpec 2016.

At Rubysketch, we take the time to listen to what our customers want, and we value your feedback. The best thing about being part of the PlusSpec community is that you can influence the future of PlusSpec.

The team would like to hear your suggestions so that we can make PlusSpec 2016 the most powerful possible program for our current and future users. We want all your suggestions no matter if they are small or large.

Post below to help shape PlusSpec 2016!

Where do I begin
Metal studding for commercial work
Bar joists dynamic control
Wood and metal roof trusses dynamic control
Stem wall with sill plate and anchor bolts and rears per American standards for basements and crawl spaces take a look at the plug in called profile builder pro v2. It has ability to in one shot draw all from footing up to top plates for instance
Turned down slabs w rears
Fix the annoying added slab at outside face of a wall width for siding that gets added in addition to the specified wall thickness and for example if I want a wall with a 5 1/2" actual width of a wood 2 x6 with 5/8 Gypsum at inside face and 1/2" wood sheathing at outside face I should be able to More Simply then current menu scheme pick or type in those items and the subsequent wall models all the slabs and studs per that specification to ACTAUL REAL WORLD THICKNESS.
Doors and should then cut openings At all the slabs making up the wall assembly as well as stud and header modifications. Oh add flood vents to doors and windows selection
I could go on forever and have in past emails.
Steven Cirile

I love the way PlusSpec is developing, in terms of within Sketchup.

Its the layout part I would love to see improved. For me, the biggest headache is the way the standard PlusSpec Scenes display as raster only in Layout. If you try to display them as hybrid (which I find makes it easier to export DXF and DWG for consultants) it stuffs up the “look”. I also have the issue of my estimator (who is a contractor, not employee) uses Cost X so providing him with Raster plans adds to the time taken to produce an estimate. I can hear you saying “But its all done in PlusSpec!” and I agree with you, but we aren’t quite there yet in terms of level of detail taken off. Examples being Cornice, skirtings etc.

Having trusses (even if its a basic representation for the purpose of drawings) would be awesome!

Thats all I can think of right now. Keep up the good work!!

Hi Guys,

Thank you for the suggestions. We greatly appreciate it.

I have taken down all your ideas and added it to our suggestion list. If you have anymore ideas just keep posting.

The more suggestions the better.

Kind Regards

Hi Coconstruct,

What scenes in PlusSpec are you unhappy with when trying to display them as Hybrid in layout?

Kind Regards

  1. More door options. Such as mullions to make up French doors (8 light or 10 light for example)

  2. Sliding windows. The double window has just the one style. Many double windows don’t have the mullion in the middle.

  3. A roof tool that does a truss structure with a ceiling and cornice. Cornice not super important for me but definitely a truss tool.

  4. The windows and doors tools would be really good if it would pick up the nearest internal walls and then have a distance from them, rather than just a dimension from the the wall we are inserting into.
    Also be good to toggle through a few options of where the dimension started from, rather than just the ends of the wall we are inserting into.

  5. In scenes it would be good to have the interact tool lock the window/door/etc. in that scene rather than over whole model. Such as an elevation scene showing closed doors but in the floor plan scene to show as open doors.

  6. In a floor plan scene the doors for example show a ‘blue screening’ layer over the wall frame. This needs to be edited by clicking through the layers then reverse the image to get it back to the required white image to ‘mask’ the timber framing below. (That the builder cuts out on site but needs to be there to get an accurate materials take off).

I hope I explained the things above somewhat understandable.

Overall Plusspec is very very good and gets better and better at each update,

Cheers Matt

Hi Matt,

Thank you for your suggestions, they are greatly appreciated.

I have taken them all down and for the team to see.

Kind Regards

i would like to see an option to install ceiling battens, in the ACT and other areas we use metal ceiling battens under our trusses/ceiling joists. 16mm for 600c/c trusses and i think 22mm for up to 1200c/c Stramit have these.

an option to allow thickness in the foil/sisalation layer in walls, because you can use options like foil board that can be 20mm thick.

I know some clever otions are on there way in 2016

Great work!
Trev Dale

Hi Trev,

Thanks for the suggestion. :slight_smile:

Kind Regards