PlusSpec 2015 Launch


The official release of PlusSpec 2015 has now been released to the public and is free to download for existing users.

Go ahead and download PlusSpec 2015 here
Get excited everyone! :slight_smile:

Enjoy! Kind Regards

How can I update my pre-release version to the Full Release? I have re-downloaded from my subscription page but it is not updated. Also the account page has not extended my subscription date although that was supposed to happen when the full release came out?

I believe that there’s a trial version for 14 days as mentioned in
However, I can’t find the link.
And I would like to know whether PlusSpec is able to make custom dimensions of door and windows.

Hi Effie,

The 14 day trial version has been removed since and there currently is no access to the free 14 day trial version. PlusSpec now offers a 30 day money back guarantee.

PlusSpec windows and doors plus other tools can all have custom dimensions and can be modified easily and quickly.

Kind Regards

I see…thanks for the reply.


That is fine, Enjoy! :slight_smile:

Kind Regards

Hello Everyone,

Just to ensure that there is no confusion, please note that the 30 day guarantee offer, mentioned in this Forum post, was only available for the first month after release (April 2015). This offer is no longer available, and it has long since been removed from our website and our Terms and Conditions.