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PlusSpec License: PlusDesignBuild
PlusSpec Version: PlusDesignBuild b e t a version 22
SketchUp Version: SketchUp 23
Computer Type: PC Windows 11
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Before resetting, I am concerned about losing all the information I have entered in the take tool and materials.
By doing this, will it result in the loss of this information?

Regarding the hinges, I understand that you can override the the product name by “click on the name of the item when they are on the edit/see more pages”. What I am trying to address is whenever a hinge is counted, it is a general count.

For example if I have two doors in one job:
Door A- hollow door with two 85x60x2mm hinges
Door B- solid door with three 100x75x3.5mm hinge
What is the workflow to achieve this?

With thanks,

Hi Simon,

As long as you didn’t select ‘Yes’ for Prices you won’t lose any of the prices you’ve set within the takeoff. By default, the Default Options will be the only option that has ‘Yes’ selected, which just reverts options & selects in the dialog to their default settings.

There currently isn’t a way to split items like this, however, there is a way of getting the result you’re after. To do so, exclude the hinges in the main table (there’s an option to do this within the Instances column), then add two items in the additional items table (one for each hinge type) & enter the Qty of each hinge.

Thank for your response.

Would be great if a hinge option was available in the future to eliminate the manual entering.

With regards to the initial enquiry about my doors and window measurements coming up funny, it still hasn’t been resolved.

I don’t want to do a reset and lose all my information. Can PlusSpec provide another option?

See attached pic taken just now.
Screenshot 2024-01-17 150423.png

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Just to confirm, if I follow the diagram below and only mark the Default option as yes, then none of the information in my Take off dialogue boxes will be affected?

I have spent months creating these am scared of losing the information.

Just in case, is there a way to save it and revert back if needed?
(From the forum “As long as you didn’t select ‘Yes’ for Prices you won’t lose any of the prices you’ve set within the takeoff.)

Thanks, Simon