piers and footings?

I need to draw footings for piers- (under a timber floor). Is there any method in Plusspec?
Also strip footings/ foundation walls for under outside walls of (weatherboard) house.

Tried many options with slab tool and post tool, but cant get anything looking reasonable.
Any help would be appreciated.

Hi Ian yes there is a footing tool inside the slab tool. :slab-tool:

Hi all, what is the best way to draw 100 x 100 concrete stumps with 350w x 200h pad footings at the base of them, i’m struggling to work out a good way. Thanks in advance!

I used
The column tool for the stump
Simple Rectangle for ant treat
Column - underground for pad

priced each
added excavation cost
I made 3 sizes 900 1300 1200
and saved as a component

When I bring it back it needs to be exploded to get info - but it seems some does get lost

keen to learn more on this