Passive House Insulation Detailing

I’ve noticed a few questions buzzing around about super insulated buildings or custom wall build ups.

For passive house and super insulated details in the UK and Europe one will often have an extra layer of insulation around the outside of the external sheathing board, inside the membrane and battens. This prevents cold bridging across the superstructure.

Is it possible to add a wall build up with an extra layer for that additional insulation?


Hi M, yes anything is possible but to find out a bit more, can you send a cross-section detail? I may just be able to get you an infographic or a tutorial link.

My initial response is to simply create a material in either the :wall-tool: multi-wall type or the clad wall, you will notice in the latest version of PlusDesignBuidl you can also use an existing material and name it as you please.
You could also associate a recipe and add a thermal value or an R rating.