Parametric creation tools for walls, windows, and doors

Hi Mortone
I totally agree with you,
I made the same request here :
hoping that if multiple users have the same request, we will be heard!

Perhaps, rather than installing 3D dynamic models from the 3D warehouse which have been created by the vendor, LINKING directly to the vendor in the 3D Warehouse from within SpecPlus would alleviate duplication of effort? However, question would then be, saving BIM info to them.

Hi Morton,

This is coming shortly :slight_smile:


As a SketchUp BIM app you have made a good start but there are tools and controls that are lacking that will keep me from adding this to my current workflow.

I just started exploring the application and specifically the wall tool. It needs a lot more user control to be useful for me in a commercial office. I work in a state that utilizes an IBC energy code that requires continuous insulation on the exterior side of the exterior stud sheathing of a cavity wall system. The veneer may be brick/block or it could be some type of sheathing as part of a rainscreen system. If it is sheathing there are several ways to connect the sheathing back to the structure. The studs may be wood or steel. Without that level of wall component control a generic wall that provides the user basic control of the overall thickness, and the exterior and interior face materials is needed at the very least.

What about curtain wall/storefront opening creation? The window controls do not provide the level of control needed to create these type of openings. Am I not finding the tool that provides for these typical opening configurations as I have not seen them pointed out in the tutorials?

I like where the program is going and thank Mortone for identifying the missing elements. I would love to see the component list expanded and more customization possible. Until then, it is tough to make use of it in my Northeastern US design practice. Generic customizable windows, doors, roofs and walls would be a big help, along with the ability to insert products available locally and in US units. I would very likely sign on if these things were available.

We currently dont have an exact date but it is a few weeks away. When it is almost ready we will contact you and get you to test the update and give us feedback before release.