Panelization tool not working

PlusSpec License: PlusDesignBuild
PlusSpec Version: PlusSpec 23.3 (Rbz 23.3.0)
SketchUp Version: SketchUp 23
Computer Type: PC Windows 10
Profession: Builder

Hi team,

The panelization tool not working, doesn’t import to layout, and does generate individual scenes for walls some have dimensions but no timber frame, and others have nothing.

Tried copy model override all scenes, updated, purged, removed cladding etc. Need to get this working as I have this small job and one massive on I am stuck building, Plus design build V24.0.0 option didn’t let me pick the newest update.

Those field where selected, i get the dimensions sometimes showing up but not frame showing, then nothing in sketch up. No error message showing up.

This is how is shows up in layout

Model gone from overview section

Thank you, Joshua
19202023 new plans model - Copy.skp (12.4 MB)