Paint Weathertex Board with Taubmans Colour

How do you paint the weathertex Board with a Taubmans colour

Hi Sam,

Currently it is not possible to add a Taubmans colour to a Weathertex Board and get an estimate. We are currently working on a paint tool that will allow you to add paint and get an accurate estimate from the paint. This tool will be released early 2016.

Currently the way to paint a weathertex board is to edit the colour of the material.

To do this follow below -

  1. Draw your walls and then open the ‘Paint Bucket Tool’.

  2. Select the ‘Sample Paint’ tool
    Sample Paint.jpg

  3. Click edit

  4. Click the ‘Picker’ drop down box and choose RGB
    RGB Select.jpg

  5. Go online and find the RGB value of the Taubmans Paint

  6. Now go back into SketchUp

  7. Enter the RGB values of the Taubmans paint into the paint bucket
    Enter RGB Values.jpg

  8. Make sure colorize is ticked

You will now notice that the wall is coloured the same as the Taubmans colour.

Kind Regards