Other window customization questions

I have a design that requires a gothic headed window. I used the semi circular window from components, but it’s not what I’m after. I don’t have much experience making dynamic components, but could I alter that one? What is the easiest way to get one that cuts the hole in the wall?

Also, with other plugins one can set the # of window panes, divided by mullions/muntins. Is that the same question as was recently posted here? To which was answered:

It would work of course, but it seems like something that could be integrated (tricky for his uneven window sizes maybe).



Hi Dawson,

Thank you for your post.

It is best not to edit dynamic components where possible but what I would recommend to do is to draw the size and style of the window you’re after using SketchUp tools, then use the PlusSpec BIM Tool to add the information to the window so it will estimate. After this use the ‘None’ option in the Window Tool to create the opening in the wall (to the extremities of the window) and move the window into place. Once the window it in place edit the opening to match up with the shape of the window.

If you are wanting to add equally spaces window panes then we recommend using the Edit Window/Door Tool but if you want a more custom spacing of the panes then we normally recommend to do what was said in the other post and to draw the mullions in where needed using SketchUp tools.

Would you be able to please let me know if these work for you?

Thank you for your feedback regarding the number of window panes. I will pass it onto the development team for further discussion.