north tool - set project north does not work

Hi, I am trying the north tool for the first time (from the scene tool :scene-gen: , not job tool as mentioned in the help video).
I have set the geo location area, and displaying the north axis.
Now trying to set the project north, the dialog disappears, and get a hand pointer,
and the text at the bottom says “Select a point on the map to move to the origin…”
Nothing happens when I click on the map.
Screenshot 2021-02-13 144839.png

Hi Rispa thanks for commenting, I will see if I can get Andew to update that tutorial as that must be an old one that slipped through the gaps.

here is the updated video link to

Thanks for the update, I’ll check out the video.

Aligning North using nearmap tiles worked, but not with the free one (which is the real problem I raised).

The video was good. Thanks!