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Would it be possible to have a measurement tool included in here. I think that there is a decent conceptual thing that happens here, but how is a consultant supposed to understand scale in this model? Not sure this feels much better than uploading to Trimble.

Hi jay, we are continuing to develop the app, so yes, we will consider this. However, many architects do not want to add the dimension function for liability reasons. I personally think it should be there lets see what the community thinks. I am pretty sure the SketchUp app is free and has dimensioning, so maybe consultants could/should use this instead?.
The benefit of the PlusSpec 3d model viewer is that it does not need an app or allow users to modify the geometry, yet it enables you to share the design intent in 3d to almost every device with a browser.

Interesting take on the liability part. I guess, I have to add measurements to every 2D doc I sent to consultants, so half a horse a piece I guess. Maybe as things continue to flush out, it could be an option, not a default? And I agree, the big benefit is all can be done in a browser, easy peasy.

Yep, it’s the feedback we get, and that is also the reason why many plans have disclaimers like “Whilst every attempt has been made to ensure the accuracy of the floor plan contained here, measurements of doors, windows, rooms and any other item are approximate, and no responsibility is taken for any error, omission, or misstatement”.
Hmmm, I’m not sure they can actually enforce these disclaimers… I know I get a lot of complaints about these types of disclaimers from builders in America. For us at RubySketch, it is the Third most popular reason why so many builders redraw projects in PlusSpec.

FYI, The main reason Builders tell us what they use PlusSpec is Clashes and project comprehension. They/we can see what the plan looks like in 3D with the facade on and behind the facade in structure mode, which helps resolve conflicts with the engineering plans and the architect’s drawings.
The second is: The BOQ from the 3D model and estimating in PlusDeisgnBuild anyway
The third reason is: Architects’ disclaimers and inaccuracy
The Fourth is: client communication and sales conversions

Why builders use PlusSpec Versus Revit versus ArchiCad in SketchUp.png

We are working on a better experience with the 3D model viewer, though, and yes, we will be releasing options of what to show and what not to show in the export.