Newby - Can't get PlusSpec to load - Help!

Hi - I’m encountering the following error, can’t load PlusSpec into Sketchup Pro, does anyone out there have a workaround?


Plusspec Error 2.JPG

Hi Steve,

Instead of clicking on ‘reset machine’, click on ‘activate/reactivate’. This will allow you to start PlusSpec.

You currently don’t have a machine ID located to a license so you have to activate your license before you can reset it.

Kind Regards

It won’t let me activate the license, that button doesn’t work.
When I downloaded it I was having problems with my credit card not
going through(because of international)perhaps my license didn’t get
Loaded on the machine and I need to load it on there somehow? Is
there way to do that without that button?
Thanks for the help!

Hi Stephen,

I have emailed you with information as to why you have not received a license.

Kind Regards