New window menu?

I’ve downloaded and installed 2017 SketchUp Pro as well as the most current version of Plus Spec. I’m trying to edit a Plus Spec window that I inserted and the secondary window menu that use to pop up is not now. That secondary menu give me the ability to limit the width of the glazing to create a casement-picture-casement option. Instead the “Component Options” menu comes up which doesn’t help do anything but remove the lintel.
Please help!

Have you tried dragging the Component Options menu out of the way. I know when mine comes up the other options menu comes in behind the first one and I have to always drag it out of the way.

Yes, I moved both menus around to see if it was hiding, but unfortunately it wasn’t. There is a line to enter the “positive width”, but that only is an informational entry and doesn’t change the window.

Hi SynergyDevelopment,

The options for the windows and doors were recently moved to a PlusSpec dialogue that can be accessed via the Edit Window or Door Tool (you can also right-click on a wall and select ‘+ WINDOWS/DOORS > Edit Window/Door’ from the menu to access this tool). Please note that this dialogue may appear behind the Window or Door Tool dialogues so you may need to move one of the dialogues.

Would you be able to please let me know if this fixes the issue you’re having?

Hi Grant,
The process you wrote is what happens when I get the screen capture image that I attached before. The second window isn’t coming up - I’ve moved the menus around to see if it is hiding, but it isn’t there. Not fixed, unfortunately. Should I uninstall and reinstall? Very frustrating issue.

So it goes from bad to worse - I decided to go ahead and uninstall and then reinstall PlusSpec. When I open SketchUp for the first time and the license info pops up, I do what I’ve done in the past and select “reset the machine”. I now have a window that states: “Error: You can only reset machine id once every 30 days.” So I can’t use PlusSpec at all. Please help.

Hi SynergyDevelopment,

From the image you provided it appears as though you had an older version installed so reinstalling PlusSpec should fix the original issue you were having.

I’ll have to reset you machine for you. Would you be able to please confirm what email address you signed up to PlusSpec with?

If you’d prefer to send it via email, can you please send the email to

Hi Grant,
I sent an email to you with the original email address.

Is your issue now resolved?