New version tool bar


With the previous versions of PlusSpec, I have had a floating tool bar to choose from.  With the last update I am to choose them from the sketchup tools and put them in my main toolbar, which is fine.  Great even, streamlined.  However!  What I just found is that when PlusSpec needs to be reactivated (which seems to be inevitable) it clear them out of that tool bar, so it seems I have to reload them.  This doesn't seem great.  Any thoughts on that?



No need for a reply, I found it in the tool bar menu! Love an easy answer…


Cool glad you got it.
Just so you know PlusSpec will deactivate after 2 weeks if it has not been used, the reason we do it is if it gets stolen or you lose or break the machine you can log back in. The next time you log back in try to select remember me so all you have to do is select reactive. I hope that helps