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I am more excited about this software than anything! I am an architectural designer in one of the north eastern U.S. I was wondering if I can still be a beta-tester for this software. I received an invite but I never received a link for the download. This looks like it will be the most important software since Autodesk Revit!

Can’t wait


Hi Elibjr, thanks for contacting us.
Just so you know we have had over 1000 request for beta. :sunglasses: We will get to you as soon as possible, currently we have a selected group of testers in Australia doing preliminary testing in which we are working hard to reduce bugs and add more features. I could not imagine the amount of requests and feed back we would have to go through if we had 1000 people emailing a similar finding.
We are talking to several Architects and builders in the US and we are currently changing the software to be more intuitive to accommodate the specific needs.
In the short term enjoy the finer points of Sketchup and we will get a version available as soon as logistically possible.

We cant wait to get the world using PlusSpec and getting PlusSpec to you guys is our priority.

:bulb: Feel free to introduce yourself, your business and your work to date in the forum and let us know what would be the ultimate outcome would be for you and your colleagues when it comes to Sketchup Plug ins. We may just add it to the software.


I really need this program and I ask that you give me, at least, a beta version.

Thank you.

Hey IgorAleks,

As far as beta testing goes Beta testers are selected from among volunteer users based on specific criteria for each testing cycle. If you are interested in being considered as a beta tester for PlusSpec, please let us know by filling out the form below. We will contact you to verify you meet the testing criteria.

Please note we have thousands of people applying for beta testing from all around the world and our release date is near.

Thanks :slight_smile:

Well, I have a degree from architecture from Penn State University. I have been working in various architectural firms designing commercial and institutional buildings in the eastern Pennsylvania region of the United States for over 15 years. In the last 3 years I have been been trying to convince this region in particular that Sketchup is much easier to learn and significantly more intuitive to learn than Revit from Autodesk or ArchichCAD from Grafisoft. It is also cheaper too. As a current user of AutoCAD I would love to take this software for a test drive for a number of reasons: 1. Most of the plugins for Sketchup tend to focus on residential design and integration, I would like to see this use on a project that is completely commercial in nature. 2. There are a number of plugins like this that were designed and built for a metric environment, I would like to see how this system works in the Imperial/English measuring system. 3. Can you really build any building with this software? Suppose I have a row of storefront retail stores, does this work? What a bout a manufacturing plant with a membrane or live roof? What happens when you want to show demolition or existing building parts? Most of the Architectural firms are rarely doing a project where they are building a structure from scratch without context or existing conditions… most packages can handle new construction, however we architects know projects like this only exist in the academic world. Real building projects require integration with the existing environment whether that is an adjacent building, natural element or other structure. My goal is to test this on a “real world” project to see if this is really useful in a design firm in this country. If it is, I would be one of your biggest evangelist in this area. Hope to hear from you soon. See my profile on linked in. Elijah Bell Jr. Thank you.

Today, the program PlusSpec this is the only advertising and nothing more, one chatter only!!!

There is no possibility to try this PlusSpec to make at least some assessment, and maybe this is a toy …!?

There is no reliable information when this PlusSpec appears to society, and how it can be used ???!

Igor, I am sorry you feel this way mate. I understand you are getting impatient yet I have made it clear that the software is only available in Australia at this point. I can assure you we are doing our best to get it out to the rest of the world yet it is a big task and big tasks take time.

Thanks for your questions and many of these are answered in the BETA section to Australians. The short answer is yes we have allowed for existing versus new, demolition quantification is coming soon and we hope to have it in the first US release. We will do our best, I promise…
Thanks for your patients it is much appreciated.
As far as PlusSpec being an alternate solution to Revit and Archicad of which I have used both I have to say all of these packages have a place in the market, I look at design software as a tool and every professional has many tool in his or her kit, all of them have one advantage over the other. Essentially it is up to the end user to decide which is better for the job at hand. The initial pre release version will be provided for feed back of which we expect to be almost overwhelming & come with 12 months free updates …
It is impossible for us to release every solution in the PlusSpec package at the price we are providing it at, yet we are committed further our technology in the future at an affordable rate.

The best thing about having PlusSpec inside of Sketchup is you have the freedom to draw and add what you like and yes we are working on a solution for this as well.
There is no doubt that everyone that is posting and registering for BETA are big fans of Sketchup (as we are), we are making the use of Sketchup even easier and more powerful for you guys.
I wish I could snap my fingers and do a world wide release yet the reality is every country has varying methods of construction and design and we are doing our best to cater for the majority of these. It is a big job and it will take time and I hope that you guys can stick with us until this time. I am confident it will be worth the wait.

And that AUSTRALIA is on some unknown planet … knows about, only Australia, or maybe Australia is where all …, on the planet EARTH, then what’s the problem?!

Probably the problem is that PlusSpec is a FICTION.
Staged advertising empty SPACE! YOU sure are somewhere in another dimension …not OUR public for people!
The most important misunderstanding WHAT you STARTED ALL THIS, if you want IT only for yourself, cause that kind of propaganda … only irritation!


If we compare the time that You have spent and still spend, to release at least some workable program it is really a very long time.
While You drag the time, during this time, others may have time to master the program, such as ArchiCAD, buy it and make money out of it to return the money spent for the purchase of this real program and still have a profit!

Then the question is, what will be the demand for Your Plusspec ?
You wanted to offer users alternative Plusspec instead of expensive programs and when you consider your sluggishness … it turns out that You can’t compete with the others !

I understand that this message You will not post because publish only what You like, it is undemocratic.

Если сопоставить время которое Вы затратили и еще затратите, для того чтобы выпустить хоть какую-то работоспособную программу то это действительно очень долго.
Пока Вы тяните время, за это время другие могут успеть освоить программу, например - ArchiCAD, купить ее и заработать с ее помощью деньги чтобы вернуть потраченные за покупку этой реальной программы и еще останется прибыль!
Тогда спрашивается, какая будет потребность в Вашей Plusspec ?
Вы ведь хотели предложить пользователям альтернативный вариант Plusspec вместо дорогим программам а если учесть вашу нерасторопность … то получается что Вы не можете составить конкуренцию другим !

Понимаю что это сообщение Вы не будете публиковать потому что публикуете только то что Вам нравится, это не демократично.

Hi Igor,
Thankyou again for your interest in our product and not only will we of course publish your issues with us, but we find it worthy of a title of its own and will be happy to address each of your issues you mentioned.
In relation to ArchiCAD, yes this is a wonderful program in its own right and there are already many people that have mastered and seem a return on investment with such software. In fact we like the program so much we provide a free specifier library containing many quality ArchiCAD models. Should you chose this method please feel free to enjoy the benefits of our library at
Not unlike, Revit, Vectorworks, Microstation and many others I am not suggesting PlusSpec will replace these programs nor am I suggesting they should not invest their time and money on their proven reputation.

PlusSpec is not a replacement of these products Igor, it is a quality design plug-in that uses the world’s number one design tool, SketchUp …and makes it better for you the designer. Therefore the demand for our PlusSpec plugin is to the current 32,000,000 SketchUp users that would like to make a very good (and free) design software even better.

In relation to the term “sluggishness” Igor I can assure you I am as frustrated as you with the difficulties we have had in releasing our product. After more than 5+ years in development there is no one more “eager” to get it out to the public than our team. As a builder and designer with 20 odd years of building experience I underestimated what’s involved in releasing a potential game changing software and whilst I understand your frustration, we cannot succumb to such pressures by releasing an inferior product.

I know you have heard this before, but in the interest of transparency I will repeat it. This products first release will only be in Australia. We are currently working with other companies and developers around the world to get things moving quicker elsewhere, but to avoid duplicating any potential problems on a global scale we will release as recommended by our board.

Once again to you I apologise and I don’t wish to be seen to ignore you, it is nice to see the “eagerness” that our product is generating. On release to your part of the world I will guarantee that you will be first notified.
May I ask what line of work and what company you represent that may require this software so urgently and also the measurement units you guys use imperial/metric?

On a positive note we are doing a pre-release next week to 150 specifiers so maybe there will be more general information and feedback available from those that see it next week. Thank you for your response.

PlusSpec Developer

Hello. I am grateful to You for having responded to my posts, despite their categorical tone. I think this is an opening dialogue. In the next message I will provide more information to dialogue, and only when, I don’t know, I have a joke …, quote “… After more than 5+ years in development there is no one more “eager” …” .

Igor we enjoy your responses and I suspect a lot is lost in translation.
Can you add a screen capture of some work that you have done and a basic overview of what you are trying to achieve?
Would you say you are more design orientated or construction orientated.
bearers and joists Sketchup BIM plusspec.jpg


You asked for a screenshot.
A small part of one of my works made in Sketchup without BIM … :

Nice work Igor!!! :sunglasses:
You will love PlusSpec… as it is going to save you a lot of time… Just so you know roofing timbers will not be in the first release yet they will be in the updates.
Thanks for your patients.
How do you guys deal with nominal size versus actual size. EG 10050 timber is actually 9045, or 2by4 is 3,1/2" by 1,1/2" In Australia you can get some very angry :angry: trades people if you draw in nominal sizes as job set out becomes confusing…
Judging by your passion I imagine that there would be public whipping… :laughing:


Did not understand at all what You said (not a correct translation).

The model has a size scale, then this model is transferred to the LayOut, and there is an exact scaling (M 1:75). Here is an example of the same project that I gave earlier.

You better give me Your PlusSpec that I loved him in kind. :wink:
And love from afar difficult. :laughing:

Hi this is John.

Long time SU user on Windows 7 platform.
I saw demo at SU conference and wanted to give it a try.

Hi guys, you can download and or buy Plusspec now. I’m sorry I can’t read or interpret the non English. We will be releasing a Chinese version eventually.
If you’ve taken the time to write to us and I think it is fair enough we will post your questions even if they show we have made a mistake. We are not prefect and I don’t know anyone who is. In saying that we are committed to getting it right. Remember the first version of Revit and Archicad? Even today I can find things that need adjustment, the point is they both save a lot of time and so too does Plusspec.
Plusspec will efficiently draw and organize your model for you. We have sone fantastic improvements coming very shortly, no doubt you’ll enjoy the new roof tool. For those of you who downloaded this week you will notice some improvement in the wall split tool on the right click menu when selecting a wall. Thanks for being a part of Plusspec. I’m writing on my phone apologies for any grama errors.
Have a great week end

Hi everyone,

Just wanted to introduce myself, I am a builder in Australia who has been using sketchup for a longtime in relation to design work, estimating and so on. I also did a large portion of my trade using sketchup. I just stumbled upon plus spec today and have already found it fantastic. There are still many things which are needed to make this a great tool but I can see huge potential and am keen to get involved.

completely new to plusspec so if I wanted to start at the start would you suggest spending time in sketchup or working with both from the beginning