New Here, With Question

Hello all,

I love the software but I might be overloaded with Info because I feel like I’ve seen the answer to my question but not sure where…

How do I change the bottom plate in the wall tool? When I build walls on a concrete slab, I need the bottom plate to be treated 2x4 or 2x6 and need it to be captured on the estimation.



Apparently i just needed to post the question to figure it out an hour later, LOL…


;0 . . .good for you!

I have question about using Wall Junction tool… I am adding interior walls perpendicular to my exterior wall. I created Ladder Junction so there is blocking with access to add insulation. However when doing that option, it does not cut the drywall and trim. Is there a way to do this?



Hi, Keneth I just test that and I did not see it, I’ll see if I can find out why.

Hi Kenneth,

Currently, only the ‘Standard Junction’ option will cut the internal linings.

If you want to cut the internal lining or trimming of the wall it needs to be done manually using SketchUp tools. Please note that any manual edits will be removed when the wall is edited using a PlusSpec tool, so we recommend only doing manual edits once no further edits are needed or at the end of the job.

Hope this helps.

Andrew tells me the reason why ladder blocks don’t cut the lining is that the ladder block goes through to the stud yet the lining should only be cut at the junction. However, in real life that is how it is, so we have added it to the development list (Just so you know there are 650 items on that list so It won’t be in the next release, unfortunately, FYI we prioritise by the number of times an item gets requested).

An interesting bit of trivia. Did you know that when you export your Sketchup model to Layout, the junction will auto-dimension? All you need to do is tick the “Autodimension page” check box
How to Auto dimension junctions in Plans PlusDesignBuild & PlusArchitect for Sketchup.jpg

Another trip: if it’s a busy job with multiple walls close to each other, the dimension string will be very cluttered. You can turn these dimension strings off in the layers inside the Layout tray. I hope that helps. .