multiskin wall

Please make multiskin walls more adaptive, with a possibillity to change each layer (and in combination with framing) possible.
I am sure that there are a lot of users that work with wood framing or stick frame building, wich are looking for a solution that makes it possible to make a fully customized wall. Also in every type of wall there is a cavity, in some wall constructions a cavity is not necessary please give the option to assemble a wall without cavity.


Hi Guy, thansk for asking. You can override a cavity by typing “zero (0)” in the "manual overrides section. However, there are 7 different wall types that do not have a cavity.
Wall types without a cavity and overriding  a cavity in 3D CAD software for builders.jpg
What version of PlusSpec or PlusDesignBuild are you using?
May I suggest getting some training?