Mud sill under floor joists

Your tutorials look great and you state the information generated can be used for estimating. However, the wall tool with two top plates and a single bottom plate work
great if the wall is placed on top of another wall. But what about the wall on wood joists which sit on a concrete foundation. The joists need to sit on a mud sill (2x6
pressure treated wood). It would be great to have the option to place the mud sill component directly under the end of the joists/rim board using the joist floor tool.
It would seem a waste of time to have to copy and paste or create a mud sill below the floor joists when this could be done automatically. Is there a way to do this?
The tutorials seem too general and avoid this.

Hi cpidutti,

Thank you for your post.

At the moment the best way to do this is to draw the mud sill and use the BIM Tool to make it estimate.

The next version of PlusSpec (which is coming shortly) has some new tools and features that will allow you to draw beams and plates (along with other things) that will estimate.