More default/standard wall materials

Would be great if the default material library for walls had things like matrix cladding, various steel cladding profiles etc.

Would also be great if there was a black and white option of say brick, weatherboards, etc etc so you could just use that for a more traditional black/white drawing. Helps especially when contractors are printing plans in black and white. Also helps to not deter clients away from certain colours.

Hi Natpjs, you can add all of that and so much more, it just takes practice. If you are in a hurry you can book training via the PlusSpec website yet you’ll find most of the info for free on the RubySketch or PlusSpec Youtube channel. Googel is your best friend simply type how do I __________ in PlusSpec, 9 times out of 10 Google will take you directly to the place in the tutorial, which saves a heap of time. :wink:

I always use colour scenes in my drawings yet when showing clients I show them using different styles in many cases I use Black and white with an extended endpoint.
How to find styles and change colours in Sketchup:

  1. Go to the View menu in SketchUp
    2 Click on toolbars
  2. tick the styles check box
    4 See image
    Changing model style to black and white.jpg

Black and white texture (attached below) 2d plans from Sketchup for subs: In the scenes tool :scene-gen: you have the option to create black and white elevations and plans.
Creating black and white 2D scenes for plan and elevations inside Sketchup with the PlusSpec Plugin.jpg

I have also added a few textures and we will add these to the standard material library. You should be able to right-click the image and click Save. It’s a good idea to create a material folder on your computer and inside add subcategories Eg bricks, roofing, cladding ETC. This way every time you see a texture you like you can save it, when you get 5 minutes you can add them all in one go by simply choosing "create material"adding more materials and textures to PlusSpec and PlusDesign.jpg

red brick 230x76.jpgStanding seam Verticle Zinc 300mm.jpg
Standard Black and white brick texture 230 wide.jpg