More Custom Walls


I’m a UK user and have 3 licenses.

I need to be able to draw with the following wall configuration:

100mm external leaf in stone
50mm cavity
170mm insulant
100mm blockwork
30mm overall wall finish (15mm plasterboard and skim facing 15mm dot and dab plaster adhesive)

Can anyone give me a steer as to how to do this - it’s critical for a project?

Many thanks



Hi Steve,

Sorry for the delay in reply.

I have put the steps below on how to create this wall type.

  1. Open up your SketchUp file

  2. Go to the PlusSpec tool bar and open the Wall tool.

  3. Go to construction type and select ‘Multi-Skin Wall’

  4. Go down to materials and you will see all the parts of the wall that you can edit.

  5. The first option is your external leaf. You will notice that there is no stone so we have to create a stone material and give it a 100mm width.

  6. Select Create Material under the first option. See Screen capture below.

Create Material.jpg

  1. Now I dont know what stone you are after so I have just grabbed a stone seamless texture from a site. Find a stone seamless texture that is as close to the one you need as possible or go to your manufacturers website and they might have one.

  2. Now go to ‘Choose File’ and find your image that you have just saved. See screen capture below.

Choose File.jpg

  1. Now choose a texture width and height for your texture.

  2. Choose your name, brand and wall thickness and then select create material from template.

  3. Now you have created a material that you can use on your wall. Go back to SketchUp and select ‘SYNC’ on the PlusSpec Toolbar. (This will download your material so that it can be used).

  4. Now go back to your wall tool and select your new material that you have just created. See mine below.

Selecting Created Material.jpg

  1. Now you do not have to worry about the next 2 parts, Brick hardware and the Flashing.

  2. Go down to the 4th option that will most likely say Bradford Soundscreen. We once again are now going to click create material but under the 4th option.

  3. You will notice that when the webpage opens that there is no where for us to enter in our Width. I am going to show you how to do this.

  4. We are going to edit the link. We want to remove everything after the = sign and replace it with b155c1ff-ed2c-480c-aeae-4c7382329922 . Check screen capture below for more details.

Replacing Link.jpg

  1. Now you will notice that red Rubys will appear and so will the wall thickness option. Just go through and do the same as we did for the outer leaf but make the wall thickness 100mm and find a seamless block texture. Then go and fill in all the options and click create from template.

  2. Now we once again go back into SketchUp and click on the ‘SYNC’ button.

  3. Go back into the wall tool and go down to the 5th option that will most likely have a 10mm insulation. Click create material.

  4. Once again go and find a texture or colour for your insulation and find it using Choose file.

  5. Go through and fill in all information and make sure to put the wall thickness as 170mm.

  6. Click ‘Create Material From Template’

  7. Go back to SketchUp and select ‘SYNC’ again.

  8. Back to the Wall tool and will now select the 6th option which will say plasterboard. We are going to click ‘Create Material’.

  9. Now find a texture that you want to be your internal finish. Once done fill out the options again and make sure to put width as 30mm.

  10. Click ‘Create Material From Template’ and go back into SketchUp.

  11. For the last time select the ‘SYNC’ button and go into the wall Tool.

  12. Now in the wall tool go down to ‘Manual Overrides’ and make the cavity 220mm.

  13. Select submit and draw your wall. It should look similar to mine below.

Custom Wall.jpg

Please note that you will not need to do this every time just the first time. Your materials that you have saved will stay there.

Hopefully this is what you were after. Enjoy!

Kind Regards

Hi Dean

Many thanks indeed!

No wonder I couldn’t get it right - but I will now, and hopefully all others reading this post will too.

I’m really appreciative of your time and trouble to answer this, also what an excellent Webinar this morning.

Kind regards.


Hi Steve,

That is fine :slight_smile:

Really glad you enjoyed the webinar :slight_smile:

How did you find it creating this wall? were you able to follow the process?

Kind Regards

Hi Dean,

I am liking using Plusspec but I see generating a custom wall construction being an essential tool for accuracy and efficency. Is it possible to create the following wall build up below and attached:?

  • 20mm Timber cladding
  • 25mm Timber horizontal batten *
  • 25mm Timber counter batten * * These could be combined to create one layer of 50mm timber Batten
  • Breather membrane
  • OSB sheathing
  • Timber frame & Insulation
  • Vapour control layer (VCL)
  • 25mm Timber batten (Service void)
  • 12.5mm Plasterboard

Multi Layer timber wall construction JPEG.jpg

I look forward to hearing from you,

Best regards,


I am liking using Plusspec but I see generating a custom wall construction being an essential tool for accuracy and efficency.

use recipes for this it is quicker and your computer will thank you for not adding extra geometry. There are some tutorials on our youtube channel about recipes in PlusDesignBuild