Model using 2 screens

Hi team, I was using plusdesignbuild remotely on my laptop I was trying it out to see if it worked ok. I was using it next to my main screen but just away from it. I found that my laptop wasn’t working good so I had a look at my computer screen and saw it had filled up both screens of my computer and now I can’t get it out of my second screen, any thoughts thanks John

It’s hard to answer if we don’t know what type of computer you are using. Or it could be you have shared both screens in Zoom, we use Zoom every day, and I have never seen this happen.

You should be able to drag the Sketchup window to one of the screens or push minimise next to the close top right.
If that does not work
Save the model, close Sketchup and reopen it.
If all else fails
Push CTRL alt Delete
Close Sketchup.

Thanks Andrew worked fine -John