Model made without plusspec

I want to know if i can use the privelege of PlusSpec with a model made without this plugging?
I tried to get a cost estimation or quanties of materials but PlusSpec dont recognized the model.
Suggestion to do it? please


To be able to use the take-off tool :takeoff: in PlusSpec your model must have item codes. I believe the best way to do this is to either add our PlusSpec materials to your model or to re-draw the model using PlusSpec.

Re-drawing the model in PlusSpec won’t take long and could be beneficial. You’ll be able to see the benefits of PlusSpec and the speed of building a BIM model compared to a normal SketchUp model.

If you don’t want to re-draw your model or you start to and it’s taking too long the next best thing to do is to add the PlusSpec materials to your walls and other building areas. To do this draw a PlusSpec wall :wall-tool: with your chosen materials. Once done open the paint bucket and select the picker/sample paint icon and then click on your PlusSpec wall and apply material to your walls. (Try this with a test model first just in case it’s not what you’re after or you are having troubles doing this.). Now open and fill out the job tool :job-tool: and then select the take-off tool and you will now see your walls inside the take-off. Repeat this for your roof and other areas. The only problem is that you won’t be able to have the windows in take-off unless you re-draw the model using PlusSpec.

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