Missing wall texture

First question: I’ve watched a few videos and done my first doodle. I drew a slab which has a concrete texture but the brick veneer wall is blank even though the “Bradford Gold” logo shows on the wrap inside. Where are the bricks?

Actually, the brick texture is there but greyed out. See attachment


Hi Arnold,

Thank you for your post.

The reason the bricks appear to be greyed out is because the material pictured in your post is representing a common brick so that if you wanted to paint the bricks and/or change the colour of them then the end result will be the correct colour and still maintain a brick texture look.

I’d be happy to assist you if you have any further enquiries.

How about that? Choose something and it works. Thanks Grant, I hope you’re enjoying this! I’m a slow learner.

Hi Arnold,

It’s our pleasure. We are always happy to help.