MEP still does not work

Good Friday morning PlusSpec team,

Just downloaded Plus Spec 17 and the MEP still does not work. It was the first thing I tried to do. Still, can not complete operation on double click. I am keen to use MEP for SUCH projects.

Sent a private message to Splus Spec team yesterday

I have just noticed is there something in Ruby-186-27 or is that only a first-time user installation

Ian Cleland


Thank you for your post.

I’ve tried to replicate the issue but haven’t been able to. I’ve responded more about this at the post below.

The Ruby thing you saw is only for first time installation for SketchUp 16 and below.

I have also tried to replicate yet mine is working. Can you give us more information, please? Mac or PC? Were you using the beta version previously? Are you just using a trial? We have reduced the functionality in the trial version of PlusSpec and this could be the issue?