MEP Components

I’m just trying this out as I would love to convert from AutoCAD TO SKETCHUP and PlusSpec. So far the electrical components seem very limited, are there any libraries which can be imported to make this element of the programme a little more appealing. Some basic ones I would expect would include:

Distribution Board
TV Point
Smoke Detector
Heat Detector
Break Glass
Fire Panel
And many more…

Also even though I selected UK the socket faces aren’t reflective of a UK component? Any assistance appreciated or do these need to be created manually.

Thanks in advance.

Hi lloyd09,

Thank you for your post.

Currently, any component that doesn’t appear in the Component Tool or inside of PlusSpec needs to be manually drawn. If you’re wanting to create your own component library then I would recommend drawing & adding the BIM info (if needed) to the component and then saving the components to a folder on your computer (a shared drive works really well also) so that you have it for next time.

The component can be saved by either of the following methods.

  1. Drawing the component it in a separate model and saving as normal. If the component has BIM info, this will mean that when you drag-and-drop the component into other models, you will need to explode to view & edit the info again.
  2. Drawing the components in one model and right-clicking on each component and selecting ‘Save As…’. This should allow you to drag-and-drop the file into other models without the need to do anything or very little else.

Thank you for your component suggestions. I will take them back to the development team for further discussion.