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A few part questions here.

Rename the “Flooring Tool” and call it the “Framing Tool” to include posts
With the Framing Tool you can indicate, joist spacing and bearer spacing. However, there isn’t an option for post spacing. I think that needs to be included for autogeneration.

More Detailed Take Offs
Can plusspec be more detailed rather than give a lineal or m2 units? My boss is 100% sure it can be done with plusspec as he was told it could be done. This would be ideal for production and GTD. Rather than assigning a certain %? Which leaves open under or overquoting.

Using Timber
Our boards are 2200 x 150 x 20mm (with 6.5mm spacing). Can plusspec tell us how many 2200mm lengths we need and other board sizes needed to be butted together? rather than m2? When it comes to a timber frame, or laminate boards are staggered for strength and it looks better. It would be great to indicate in PlusSpec what joist. E.g first, second or third will have the staggered row.

Ideally, assign deafult sized products and produce an optimised cutting plan to determine how much waste there is and how many materials need to be ordered. I guess this would open up a can of worms and get more complicated as some materials can be joined or welded, adding a saw kerf and 1D cutting (nesting) plans. E.g for deck frames.

Cutting Plans and Take Offs for Production
Also, I have noticed on some complicated frames with angles produced by plusspec tend to be straight, rather than trim to the size and angle (see attached image). It would be great if there was a button that we could use to trim this off for more accurate sizes. If there is a cutting plan (drawing) it would be great to also list you the angle for factory production.

Learning PlusSpec and Sketchup
Is there a hands on plusspec course that we can do and do you recommend any sketchup intermediate to advanced courses around the GC and Brisbane area? Thanks

Hi Rubicabprojects,

  1. I am not exactly 100% sure on what you mean by ‘post spacing’. The reason the ‘Floor Joist Tool’ only allows you to select Bearers and Joist spacing is because that is what is being drawn with that tool. The rafter tool and wall tool are exactly the same with framing. You are able to change the stud spacing in the wall tool because that is what is being drawn with that tool, same with the rafter tool. The rafter tool allows you to add a spacing to all that is being drawn with that tool.

  2. There have been talks here about changing and re-doing the take-off tool. This may cover what you are asking about giving the number of an item instead of the item in m2.

We currently only run training days in Sydney NSW. We run these one a month for beginners and advanced users. You can find out more information at the link -

I am taking all your feedback on board and will bring it up with the main developers and find what there strategies are and how this could work with them.

Thank you for your suggestion and I will take it on board.

Kind Regards

I assume question 1 is talking about being able to space the posts.
I usually add one post.
Select that post and use the move tool and move the post in the direction required whilst pushing CTRL.
I then type n the distance I want the post to move and push enter. I then * by the number of posts I need. It is quick and easy.
Note you call also divide.
I made a quick video here:

If you want your posts to come out in cubic measures you need to select concrete posts.
I hope that helps.

Square metr measures will not c hange as there are too many vaiables to cover as per your example. Plusspec needs to be simple for everyone to use. In you case it is simply a matter of dividing the number of board by the square measure of the individual board you are adding. EG 65+150*2200 then divide by square measure.
As far as training goes you can contact our office, we do have people in Brisbane yet the on line courses are very handy and you can record and watch back if you please