Material List

Glad to see the official release of PlusSpec!!! I was very interested in the beta, but never got around to purchasing it. I’m thinking VERY hard about it now.

Can we get a list of all available materials for walls, flooring, joists, roofs, etc. I would like to know if there are Canadian or other North American Products (or something similar) in the list.

Hi Andrew,

PlusSpec 2015 includes what we call drag and drop, drag and drop allows you to create your own materials that you can add to your own library. PlusSpec can be almost completely customized.

Our vision is to suit every individual or team who wish to use PlusSpec no matter if there a builder, engineer or from differen’t countries.

I hope this is what you were after.

Kind Regards

Hi Andrew,

Although our ongoing intention is to acquire and include a comprehensive and ever-expanding list suppliers from all over the world - as Dean mentioned, for the PlusSpec 2015 release, we focused on ‘customization’. With PlusSpec 2015, you can now create any wall type, material or structural framing, by creating your own libraries. This gives you total design freedom, whilst we continue to expand our list of suppliers. You can also attribute real products to your custom walls/materials (if you have a favourite supplier or product that is not yet on our list)!

I recommend taking a look at our tutorials, particularly the custom walls tutorial in the advanced section:
We will be doing a more in-depth video on customization over the coming weeks.

However, if you have any recommended manufacturers/suppliers, please do not hesitate to contact them and let them know about PlusSpec, and provide us with their details.


Hi Drew,

I’m new to PlusSpec and I have been looking at all your tutorials and I’m not getting the full detail on how to make my own wall type. also when I use your already loaded material and I add gypboard it dose not show up.