Mac Version

I’m pretty sure this has been mentioned before, I did a forum search, and found too many mentions to get a thread. However, I didn’t see anything recent, and din’t want to wade through lots of post to find stuff.

I know there are lots of potential customers waiting on the Mac version, and I know you know this :slight_smile:

I thought it would be useful to have a sticky thread where you can post updates for those of us who really, really want PlusSpec, but don’t want to cross over to ‘the dark side’ :stuck_out_tongue:

Come on guys, you know you want to!

Hi Bigstick, thanks for the post!

As i write this we are currently working on the Mac Version - A sticky thread would be a good idea for new updates once it’s complete - But currently any updates will largely be back end / development based and thus of not a lot of interest :slight_smile:

Hopefully we will have some very good news for you in the next few weeks :slight_smile:


Daniel D - Rubysketch.

Just an update for anyone who missed it.

A Mac version has been added with the release of 1.3.1
Also, the is now a sticky thread for updates at viewtopic.php?f=0&t=130

Thanks Tandem - Just getting around to all the Forum posts regarding this now :slight_smile: