Mac Version

Very excited to see PlusSpec is available for PC. However; I am a Mac user and would definitely like to know when Mac version will be available and would it be offered at the same purchase price of $395?

Thank you,


Hi David,

Yes Mac version will be available, but unfortunately I cannot give an exact date on when. Price would be the same as introductory offer $395 for Mac Users also, so it’s fair to all users.


Thank you! Can’t wait. Is there a rough release date (month)?

If I purchased the PC version and use it on Bootcamp, am I allowed to switch the license over to Mac version when it is available? Any fees?

Oh no! Just saw that there is no Mac version!? Any update when the Mac version will ship?

Hey mk11,

We are doing our best to get a mac version out as well. Although I can’t give you an exact time frame on how long this will take, I can tell you that we are working on it and hopefully we will have it out for you guys soon. Keep checking our website for more information.


OSX (Mac) version is available as of v1.3.1.
At the moment we only support SketchUp 2014 on OSX, but you can download and try it now.