Hi guys, I have a question about lourves. Does the size of lourves blades change depending on the height of the opening? If so, given that lourves [in Australia] come in two standard sizes, 102 and 152mm, wouldn’t you either:

  1. round up or down to suit the blade size?
  2. place an infill at the top or bottom if the height of the opening is a size other that to suit lourve system?

A guide for Breezway lourve sizes can be found here:


Hi guys, just wondering if someone could get back to me about this question re: lourves…?

Hi Andrew,

The reason for this is because not everywhere is the same but they are all similar. There is a maximum and a minimum for the louvers and this is very close to your 102mm and 152mm. The louvers are mainly for visuals and for you to show the client or yourself to see what window type fits. In the take-off it wont tell you how many louvers you will actually need but it will give you a measurement that the window company you use will work out how many louvers are needed and where the filling is needed. We could add precise systems but the file size will be much higher per component meaning that PlusSpec will become much slower and not as workable.

Sorry that the reply was delayed but I had accidentally missed this. Very sorry

Kind Regards

No worries, Dean.

So in the future do you think there may be an option to be able to show smaller lourves? As you may know timber lourves can be as small as 68mm…

Hi Andrew,

Im sure there will be. If we can get a supplier on board we could do some endless exciting stuff.