Hi guys, I have a question about lourves. Does the size of lourves blades change depending on the height of the opening? If so, given that lourves [in Australia] come in two standard sizes, 102 and 152mm, wouldn’t you either:

  1. round up or down to suit the blade size?
  2. place an infill at the top or bottom if the height of the opening is a size other that to suit lourve system?
    Thx :slight_smile:

Don, are you but the mechanisms and going to build them yourself?
The frame size of the window can also impact the Louvers, I am personally not a big fan of infills. I suggest designing the window opening to the preferred louvre size.

I am actually sitting in front of a set of louvres now and the blade sizes measures 105 and the effective cover of the glass is 90 so I assume this is a different brand. For this reason, we made it so the louvres equally space with a maximum louvre height of 163 before it recreates another louvre.
The truth to it is when you order a bank of louvres from a supplier, they will detail it in the quote before order and purchasing. If your supplier has 100mm increments or whatever size, you can either A adjust the window heighten in PlusSpec or PlusDesignBuild or B adjust the frame size, or C manually override the component by simply exploding and scaling.

I was not aware that the standard size was 152, we could change that and I can add it to the Dev list if that help?

BTW a little birdy told me there are some really cool changes to the Window tool coming soon in 22 that allow you to create custom windows and mix and match. This is a regular request from Architects