Looking for a QS / Project Estimation

Hi Guys,

We are a small design and construct builder located in Newcastle NSW Australia. We are currently searching for a QS / Project Estimation consultant who uses PlusSpec for their BOQ / QS services on a project by project basis.

If your a QS located in NSW Australia and use Plus Spec, please reach out to me on this thread with your contact details.


Bull & Bear Projects

Hi Mitch,
Its awesome that you guys are using this software for your design and build business structure.
I maybe able to assist you regarding services around Project Estimation and obtaining the BOQ for your projects.
Could also work it on a project by project basis.

I’m Mitch also ha ha and I’ve been using plus design build (plus spec prior) and sketch for my business Mastery Constructions for 6-7 years, we use it on each and every project no matter how small, for the project pricing, ordering, construction and site documentation and even plans for planning approval and client visualisations.

Amazingly the benefits go way deeper than just an accurate BOQ. You have an accurate 3d construction model at your fingers tips to gain insight and knowledge for all the components and fundamentals of the project.

Happy to have a chat to see if I can assist you.

Would be best to email through if your interested in chatting further, then I can flick you over some examples of how we use the software for our projects.

My email address is mitch@masteryconstructions.com.au


Hi Guys, I can vouch for Mitch Chilton; he did training with me; he is a builder and a building designer; you would have seen his work in our newsletters and our Instagram feed. Mitch also has a thorough understanding of SketchUp.