looking for a plusspec estimator

Hi guys, thanks for letting me join.

I’m a Newcastle NSW based builder and while I love the idea of this software, I don’t really have time to go through the learning curve just now and don’t do enough detailed estimating to really justify it.

I’m looking for an ongoing relationship for estimating medium to large sized jobs.

I’ve got a reno and granny flat job to get kicked off with.

Look forward to hearing from you.

Cheers, Dan.

Hi Dan,
I could definitely assist you with your estimates and beyond, sky’s the limit really with the software.
My names Mitch from Mastery Constructions.
I’ve been using Plus spec and Sketch up for almost a decade and would be interested in chatting further to potentially assist you.
I love the benefits that this software enables builders to have, Its an investment of your time initially to learn but the long term benefits and gains from the time you put into it are nothing short of amazing !!!
I’m a Builder and have recently completed my diploma in building and design. I have used plus spec on everyone of our projects for more reason than I have fingers and toes. All to gain more efficiency, accuracy and client satisfaction to keep it short. Would be happy to chat further to see if I could assist you.
Feel free to reach out by replying to the chat or,
send me an email at:

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I missed this one. Sorry, Dan, did you get it sorted? If so how did it go?