Lintels over openings V's Timbers

included within the wall tool box there is a heading called TIMBERS, the selections available are sections of LVL to span (varies) the opening, and support the wall over!
“Say” we have 3 kinds of walls:

1 light weight timber framed wall
2 brick veneer
3 cavity brick

if you place a window in these walls, you get different detailed images:

1 light weight timber framed wall - correct image in section thru window, just have to choose the required LVL for the span
2 brick veneer - incorrect image in section thru window, internal stud wall shows no support, H2 LVL - external skin of brickwork shows a steel angle (there is no way of choosing this in the Timbers selection box)
3 cavity brick - incorrect image in the section thru the window, shows 1 big steel angle supporting both skins of brickwork, with the vertical leg rising thru the inner skin of the masonry skin.

these images contravene standards of construction, BCA etc.

are there ways of adapting/re-detailing these images to provide correct solutions to these details?

should not the Timber heading be called Lintels - where their would be a choice of choosing the required support (timber or steel) + the ability to choose the position/location of the chosen support within the detail.

a solution to this problem would be great.

thank you Karite

Hi Karite,

PlusSpec is run inside of SketchUp, This means that PlusSpec is compatible with SketchUp and that all PlusSpec models can be edited using SketchUp Tools. So to move and change the position of the Lintels you can go inside the component and use SketchUps move tool to move the Timber Heading to your preferred position.

You can also create your own materials and add your own sizes into PlusSpec. The Timber header sizes are created automatically through an equation, this is the reason that they would be different sizes in each different wall type.

Kind Regards