LINK to FULL Version

Ok Guys, received email, but no Link-I bought plusspec awhile ago-do we not get free upgrade to Full? Cant sign in, and appears to be only for BUY…I paid already.
Customer Service is a disapointment with your company so far. You are trying to be a CAD provider, not great support to date. Yiouve heard me voice these concrens before.
If you want to play with the Big Boys and expect to be taken seriosly by the Architectural Induistrty here in the USA, youi have to provide service, and a properly working CAD System, not using us a testing subjects, many of us are working ae=rchitects-who expect a full working product as advertised. No time for nonsense. Hopefully you have addressed the issues regarding USA Type construction in walls-fottings, etc per my other sent emails, posts.
Steven Cirile

Hi Steven,

I have checked up on your license and you still have until December 2015 left on your subscription, there is no reason why you can sign in unless you are using the wrong log-in details or have gone to the wrong site. We have updated out site so maybe you are still getting the same image and links as our old site. To fix this go onto and press refresh, this will now bring up the new website and youll be able to log in there or you can go to the link below. The link below is a direct link to downloading PlusSpec 2015 full release (you must log in first though).

PlusSpec has now given users even greater customisation options and added an amazing footing tool. You can now create foundation walls like you have been asking for. Before we were in Beta stages and weren’t fully released and this was made very clear. Constant updates and being given feedback from many users is what helped PlusSpec become what it is today. We are very sorry if you feel that our customer support is disappointing but we do our beat to help all users and we get back to everyone as quick as possible. We don’t currently have anyone who checks forums or emails over the weekend and we are sorry if you send an email to us Friday night and we aren’t able to get back to you until Monday morning.

Kind Regards