Lightweight steel construction

Fella, just wondering about steel stud construction and if many users are doing many. If so how would we adopt componentry for this method? I know we could create our own materials but to show stud direction in plan may be required…

Are there any guys out there who detail in steel? And if so how?

Need to find more time to post here;

Cheers, Love your work, PlusSpec.

G’day Andrew, surprisingly we do not get many calls for lightweight steel construction until the last few months, many of the bigger builders are now going to web joists as they can achieve larger spans and can run stack work and Hvac through without having to worry about cutting. PlusSpec 17 has webbed or truss joist inside of it, yet they are wood products. You are right yes you can simply change the material in lumber to do it yet we do have Steel studs on the agenda to do. Ideally, our users give us some feedback on which manufacturers they use so we can create the system to suit what is actually built. Fell free to make a suggestion, we are working with a company in Newcastle who want to use PlusSpec in house for cutting of members via a CNC machine created by them, the main reason we have not followed up is due to simply a lack of interest by our users. We have a lot of requests, how many users think light weight steel framing this should sit higher on list of priorities?

Cheers mate, Will register to see the sneak peek tomorrow morning if I can…