Layout Zoom command

I am struggling to keep control of the Zoom command in Layout. LO’s mouse scroll wheel control for zoom (or the +/- icons or the numerical input, which is ridiculous seeing how many times one zooms an out of a drawing) is jumping around without finite control. I am trying to zoom in to a specific area of the plan and the scrolling is neither fast nor accurate enough, and then it decides to jump out to the ‘zoom all’ view in the middle of the exercise - as if it can’t cope with the amount of scrolling required. !!! Is there a way of introducing a ‘Zoom Window’ command to Layout as per SU, so I can go directly to the area I want to zoom into? This is wasting my drafting staff a lot of precious time.

Working on a MacPro, 16Gb RAM and 2Gb video card. SU zooms in and out and orbits beautifully. Either a 3-wheel mouse (Logitech) or Mac’s Magic Mouse have the same result above.

Does anyone know how to add commands to LO?


Hmm I have not had that problem, have you tried adjusting the speed of the scroll wheel? I am a stickler for not changing unless it’s broken, so eventually, my 10-year-old mouse broke and I bought a 3D connection mouse (great in Sketchup if you can afford it buy the big sucker as it has shortcut buttons for views) and a wiz bang gaming mouse that enables me to increase speeds on the mouse. Let me just say the set up was a bit painful updating drivers and the like but once I was set I can navigate around like one those parkour people you see on the TV.
Is anyone else having a similar issue? can you add a screenshot of the work you are doing? I use Faststone capture to make all of the tutorials and do screen shots but it does not work on Mac unfortunately.