layout - fill function, hatching

when drawing plans and sections the technical way of illustrating the many materials we have is by hatching them.

I believe this function, for plusspec, is best done in layout.

is there a tutorial or guide on placing sketchup fills within the “sectional cut” on these detailed drawings?
is there a tutorial or guide on creating your own fill patterns, for this purpose?

regards karite

Hi Karite,

Yes this is best done in layout. There currently are no tutorials regarding this but we are in progress of new tutorials at the moment. Take a look at the PlusSpec showcase and you will see hatching on the jobs. There is a direct link below.

Kind Regards

has there been a tutorial developed for this hatching yet?

would be really helpful

regards karite

any update on this query?
showcase illustrates what can be done. BUT how do you do it?
cheers karite

Hi Karite,

Apologies for the tardy reply to this post. Do you want to know how to do it in Layout or PlusSpec for SketchUp (or both)?