Layout error creating file

When sending plusspec file to layout, I follow these steps.
Generate scenes at start of model.
save file.
generate scenes.
open layout, select parameters, submit, receive popup stating layout file created.
when I open the layout file it is saved as 186KB which is 2 blank pages
I have tried test pages, simple box drawings no change in results.
Previously I have followed the same steps to create layout with 2d dimensions and elevations created in layout.
Any advice would be appreciated

Hi, fshrs1 welcome.
Are you using PlusArchitect, PlusDesignBuild or PlusSpec Pro? It is helpful iff you can fill your bio in with PC/MAC and PlusSpec version.

Ok, so your Sketchup model is not showing in Layout? This is a pretty easy one; you need to save your SketchUp model after creating scenes. I do it just before I send the 3d SketchUp file to Layout, this way, I will have all of the updates in my 2D Documentation.

If you are using PlusArchitect or PlusDesignBuild, it has tools that automate this…

FYI, PlusSpec Pro does not come with the :layout_tool: 2D construction doc export tool (layout tool), which will create standard paper-sized templates with multiple pages and add multiple scale viewports to each page (EG elevations and sections). It will auto-dimension and enable you to create drawings in Landscape and portrait views.
It is hard to answer your question exactly as I don’t know which version you are using. However, if you are using PlusSpec Pro, you need to do the following to create a 2d construction documentation set from a Sketchup model

  1. Draw a Sketchup model (preferably with the plusspec tools as it will be easier and more organised) :wall_tool: :ceiling_tool: :hip_roof_tool: :custom_window_tool:
  2. Create scenes using the Scene tool :scene_tool:
  3. Save the Sketchup model
  4. Go to file>Send model to Layout
  5. Open the layout file
  6. Choose the paper size
  7. Position your viewport using the move tool
  8. Right-click Set Scale
  9. Right-click Set Scene
  10. copy viewport paste and move
  11. Right-click the viewport and choose the desired scene EG Elev 1

You will save a lot of time using PlusArchitect or PlusDesignBuild if 2D drawing is your main deliverable. Here is a tutorial
Here is the link to the two PlusSpec versions that automate Sketchup to Layout 2D construction documentation creation.

I am having the same issues as stated above. I have followed the steps indicated and I am unable to get the program to send the scenes to Layout with all the pages and views. I can manually add the scenes and views to layout. I am using PlusDesignBuild, latest ver.

Can you add a few screen shots? Have you saved the model?

Hi, for our team to check on your issue, would you be able to email us at and kindly attach screen shots or a model file. Thank you.

Hi all,

After doing some testing there appears to be an issue where a blank Layout file is created when the Arch D paper size is selected. This has been sent to the development team to look into & a patch will be released once it’s fixed.

In the meantime, if you need to use Arch D paper, please use the old method of creating Layout files (Andrew has mentioned the steps for this above).

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@Grant, when will the patch be live?