Layout and scaling

Hi, I have a drawing in sketchup that I need to scale, do I scale it in sketchup before I send it to layout or can I scale in layout before I export as PDF? And please provide a sequence with regards to scaling.


Hi, Phill are you using PlusSpec or any of our tools, or is this a general Sketchup question?

Sketchup is always at 1:1 Scale. E.g. if you draw something 1 m long, it will be 1m long inside Sketchup. However, when you send your model to Layout for drafting, you will need to choose a scale that works with your paper size. PlusArchitect and PlusdesignBuild both have the ability to export your scenes (drawings) to Layout at a scale using the 2D construction doc export tool.

  1. Click on the “2D construction doc export tool”.
  2. Rotate the drawing to landscape or portrait by choosing the axis the drawing is aligned with.
  3. Choose the scene you want to add to Layout ( you can choose multiple)
  4. Type in the paper space Scale you want your drawing to appear on your 2D sheet/ Viewport
  5. Click submit
    How to Set drawing scale inside Sketchup before sending to Layout using PlusSpec PlusArchitect PlusDesignBuild plugins.jpg

NOTEthere is a video tutorial at the top right of the 2D construction doc export tool; you can watch it by clicking the Orange question mark. All help videos are built into PlusSpec PlusArchitect and PlusDesignBuild.