Layout 2021 - what is your thoughts on this Sketchup bug

I assume the Plusspec team are aware of the following issue:
Layout 2021 - Viewport Issue –
note you will need to read through to the bottom of the thread to realise the issue has nothing to do with Skalp or any plugins, and is indeed a SketchUp core problem.

The symptoms of the bug are that random section planes get turned on in your PDF outputs from layout (sometimes the layout file shows the problem, sometimes it only appears on export to pdf)

The current workaround is to track ALL properties on ALL scenes in order avoid the viewport issue. This obviously is very annoying.
What are your recommendations ?
Should all plusspec users stay on Sketchup 2020 until it is resolved ?

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This is the same issue i believe : … out/164275

Thanks for letting us know Jwhida, we have just been made aware, I actually came across it and thought I was doing something wrong. I refreshed the model and did not see the issue again, so I thought it was just me…

FYI the issue for those who are not aware is: You save a scene inside Sketchup. You send the model to Layout 2021. The viewport either doesn’t show all layers or activates or deactivates an active section. In some cases, it shows in Layout yet when exporting the PDF, the PDF does not resemble Layout or Sketchup. It is frustrating.

We have alerted the folks or at Sketchup & we do hope that Sketchup has a patch though very soon.
For those of you who need a workaround this is what to do:

  1. Go to Scenes
  2. Click Unhide Details at the top RHS
  3. Tick all boxes under the property to save (see image)
  4. Update Scenes
  5. Save model
  6. Update Sketchup reference inside layout (right-click the model in Layout viewport)
    Layout 2021 Sketchup scenes not displaying  in layout properly and then PDF is different again.png

If this does not work let us know. The next best thing to do is back save your model to Sketchup 2020 and then send to Layout 2020.