Hey guys,

A few questions around layers.

1, when I make a change to layer how do I make it “permanent” throughout PlusSpec.
For example after I change the slab layer every time I edit or draw a new slab the original layer name gets added and I get a slab group layer.

  1. How do I change the frame layer?
    Every time I add a window or door or new frame I get a new layer.


More so every time i add a window or edit the component or objects, my layers get overridden.
How do I stop that?



Hi Myles,

Thank you for your posts.

There are some layers that can be changed and remembered by going to the ‘Layering’ section of the dialog and enting the fields there. This will make it so that whenever changes are made these layers will be retained and not overwritten. Please note that if you change these layers PlusSpec scenes will behave differently, along with some potential other areas.

For the other layers which can’t be remembered, there’s currently no ability for these to be remembered other than manually changing the layer at the end of the model or reassigning the object to the correct layer after the object is either added or edited. This is the case for the frame layer as well.

I’m happy to assist if you have any further enquiries.

Thank you Grant,