In my initial project I: 1) created a number of new layers (e.g., wanted my steel foundation beams to show with the foundation vs. 12_Engineering, etc.), 2) used the floor tool to create a flat (shed/skillion) roof and reassigned layer names, 3) and made a variety of other layer adjustments. After completing about 60% of the model, it just got to be too much confusion so I’m starting over. However, I just pulled up the floor tool to draw joists and all the settings from the last time I used it to draw a roof (with custom layering) came up. (This is in a different file!). Is this right? How can I get the default PlusSpec layer settings back?


Yes that is right, PlusSpec remembers your dialogue boxes from the last time you used it. To get the default layer settings back you will have to do a ‘Restore Factory Default’ reset.

This can be found inside of SketchUp by going to

Extensions - PlusSpec - ‘Restore Factory Default’

This will not remove anything or do any harm, all it will do is reset your dialogue boxes and update your materials. A ‘Restore Factory Default’ reset is recommended to be done once a month anyway.

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