Hi Daniel
Are there any plans to insert the Layers Tool into the original Plusspec program?

Hi Garry, adding the levels & layers tool to PlusSpec is probably not likely in the near future. We like to Keep PlusSpec pro Nimble and easier to use. FYI PlusDeisgnBuild is only a one time cost and is the same price as PlusSpec Next year but you get to keep all of the cool extra features.

Many thanx Emily!

will think about the purchase option of design plus build!
cheers Garry

Is there any plans to insert the Layers Tool into the original Plusspec program

Hi Vib, Unfortunately PlusSpec pro will not receive the Levels and layers tool as the functionality behind the scenes is far greater than just drawing to a height. I will however add it to a list of suggestions for PlusArchitect when it is released.
What the levels and Layers tool in PlusDesignBuild does:
The Levels and Layers tool enables builders and estimators to segregate projects into milestones and stages Eg concrete Framing or Units. House 1, House 2 House 3 inside one model as well as: draw to a height in 3D space, section projects into natural project progression EG ground floor frames with bricks on yet 2nd-floor frames on with bricks off (these can be saved as a date in time or a scheduled item. This functionality is exported in the estimate and helps 3rd party integrations like Buildertrend CSV export and Xero bookkeeping.

VIB, just so you know PlusSpec and PlusDesignBuild are the same prices the second year out, the first year of PlusDesignBuild is more expensive, however, you get our latest updates and keep and best features ongoing, essentially you get all the bells and whistles for the same price as PlusSpec pro. PlusSpec pro is our entry-level software package, it enables designers and builders to see what they are designing in 3d and do it quickly, yet PlusDesignBuild is focused on efficiency and organisation of a virtual project from concept to completion.
I hope that helps.