Layers tool

The layers tool is a great addition. Having some trouble with it lately though. Midway through a project I needed to adjust the parameters some. Added in a couple of levels and adjusted the heights. Now it will not work at all. When I select the layer menu the box pops up but nothing is available to select and no was to reset it. Only solution I found was to save the model into another file and try again. This is Mac version

Hi codyb22,

From the info provided I’m not able to get a clear picture of the issue you’re getting to be able to then try to replicate it or provide a potential solution. Can you please provide a screenshot of the dialog showing the issue?

Having the same issue. I’ve attached an image. The “PlusSpec Dialog” box is what comes up now when I click on the “Levels and Layers Tool” in that particular project. Closing and reloading doesn’t fix the issue if I have saved it in that state, but when I open another project or start a new one, the tool works as it should.

EDIT: Just to add some detail to how it happened in the first place. I was having issues getting walls to be built on the correct level, and I couldn’t seem to get the level active. After a few tries, the radio button which selects the layers deactivated.

I couldn’t get it to activate, and after opening and closing the tool, the layers disappeared but the buttons to add/remove level were still there, so I clicked the add level button but nothing happened. From then on when I open the level/layer tool I get the blank dialog box

Hi Parvis,

The issue you’re getting is very odd & not something that I’ve seen before, especially since it’s only happening in that model. When you open the dialog does an error message appear in the Ruby Console (go to Extensions > Developer > Ruby Console & open the tool)?

If the issue is still persisting but is working in new models, what I could recommend trying in the meantime is copy & pasting the geometry into another model & see if you can use the tool. Note: You’ll likely need to setup the scenes & maybe the levels again.