Layers and grouping

In reference to the layering it is great that grouping is used ie. numerical grouping, however if you use a system it should be carried thru I know that there are layer names that have no number associated ie. scene etc, how ever this can easily be placed under a number “x=all scenes” this way all your relevant info is grouped together same as for the item grouping this should all share the same convention which currently has GROUP as the main key, so it is easier to control. With my current practice I tend to have the grouping appear at the top of the layer list as this is the most used when control groups of information when modeling. I have requested a current layer setup to better understand the various relationships etc and the complexity.



We are in the process with updating our layers. I am sure you will like the new layer system when we do get it finished and released.

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Yes a consistent approach to layers throughout all of PlusSpec would keep things ordered in my modelling. I utilise other layer naming conventions for Non-PlusSpec layers.
The few non-numerical PlusSpec layers get lost in an alphabetical soup of other non PlusSpec layer names.
I am happy to reserve numerical prefixes as the namespace identifier for PlusSpec, but i don’t want random layer names scattered through my layering system/s.

Is there a list of all layer names currently used by PlusSpec ?
It would be good to know that PlusSpec layer names would only occur in a specific namespace. e.g. always prefixed by a numeral

Is this the best place to ask these questions ?

Hi jwhida,

My apologies for nobody responding to your posts.

We are currently in the process of writing up a list of all the layers in PlusSpec and explaining what they are and where they are used in the software. I’m not sure when this will be available but I believe it will be sometime in the near future.

To fix the “alphabetical soup” happening in the layers menu, what I would recommend to do it to click the banner above the layers to sort the list in alphabetical order. This way all the numbered layers will be at the top of the list. See image below for more details.

Would you be able to please let me know if this works for you?
Sorting PlusSpec Layers In SketchUp.jpg